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Leelavati Naturecure & Yoga Research Center Testimonials

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  • Mr.Vimal Makwana
    Room No.403/404
    It is quiet refreshing, relaxing and healthy environment at Leelavati Nature cure & Yoga Research Center. It was a nice experience during quarantine stay. All the facilities were good.

  • Mr.Bhavesh Shah
    Room No:-207
    Food quality is excellent.
    Breakfast is very good with daily different variety. Lunch & Dinner is also very good. Daily Provided
    Variety of food. Service is also excellent. Comfortable stay for total Period. Highly recommended others for stay .Overall rating is 5 star.

  • Mr.Prashant Bhatt
    Room No.:-407/408
    A wonderful experience to stay in Leelavati Nature cure & Yoga Research Center. Very good Co. Operative staff. As well as very good quarantine stay to being here. It would be best weekend Place.

  • Mr. Mahesh Doshi & Group
    Today we visit Leelavati Nature cure & Yoga Research Center. Here we visit every corner of the center. Guide give us lot of Information about the Machinery and all Therapy. We experience so nice and it is awesome. We surely visit next time and many times whenever we want relax and peace.


  • The place & Naturopathy food was very good. Treatment experience was very nice. Therapists approach towards us was good. We enjoyed delicious diet with juices.
    Dt. 6/7/19, Pooja Modha

  • I have stayed for seven days for body pain. I had very satisfactory and enjoyable stay. The staff people here are very cordial and helpful. If have opportunity, I will visit again.
    Dt. 19/7/19, Harsukh M. Mehta – Mumbai (Dhrol)

  • લીલાવતી નેચરક્યોર & યોગ રિસર્ચ સેન્ટરમાં અમને ખુબજ health wise & Relaxation માં લાભ થયો અહિયાની ટ્રીટમેન્ટ અને બધા સાધનો ખૂબ જ Latest છે અને staff ખુબજ helpful વ્યવસ્થિત છે ફૂડ પણ સ્વાદિષ્ટ છે રહેવા માટેના રૂમ્સ પણ સુંદર છે બીજીવાર આવવાનું મન થાય એવી જગ્યા છે. અમે અહિયાં બીજીવાર આવવાનું નક્કી કરી લીધું છે
    તા. 20/7/19, અનીતા નાગડા – મુંબઈ

  • લીલાવતી નેચરક્યોર & યોગ રિસર્ચ સેન્ટર ખુબજ સરસ બનાવ્યું છે. થેરાપીના સાધનો પણ આધુનિક છે. અમે સાત દિવસ સુધી થેરાપી લીધી અમને ઘણું સારું લાગ્યું મારા પતિ શાંતિલાલ ભાઈ ગડા જયારે અહિયાં આવ્યા ત્યારે વોકર થી બધી જગ્યાએ ચાલીને જતાં હતા અને આ સાત દિવસ થેરાપી લીધા પછી મારા પતિ વોકર વગર બધી જગ્યાએ ચાલીને જઈ શકે છે થેરાપી ની દૃષ્ટિએ આ સેન્ટર ખુબજ સારું છે સ્ટાફ પણ ખુબજ સારો અને હેલ્પફૂલ છે ચોખ્ખાઈ પણ સારી અને રૂમો પણ સ્વચ્છ છે.
    તા. 18/7/19, શાંતાબેન ગડા – મુંબઈ
  • Very happy to treat myself here’ll the staff members are very helpful & cooperative. All the therapies are very useful for all body detoxification. Must visit at least one time @ Leelavati Nature cure &Yoga Research Center & Must stay at least 7 days once in a year.
    Date:-6-2-2021, Name:- Ms. Kamal Shah

  • It was my sudden visit to the center and was not mentally prepared still because of my health issue. Taking several therapies. My health has been taken care by Doctors & diet. I am thankful for that. Next time may be, will take enough time for treatment.
    Date:-13-1-2021, Name:- Ms. Farida Gilani